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Date: 2018-01-08 20:29.

Aphrodisiacs are any kind of food drink or eatable products that can improve the sexual desire in a person. According to Ayurveda, the ancient healthcare system of India, the "Shukra Dhatu" or Semen is 7th Dhatu in the body. There are 7 Dhatu's – Ras, Rakt, Maans, Med, Asthi, majja, Shukra. For quality semen production and healthy functionality of reproductive system, it is very important to have healthy, balanced and nutritious diet. The diet can be supported with natural herbs like Asparagus, Tribulus, Wild Yams, Museli along with simple food items like milk, sugar, purified cow ghee ( Butter oil ), dry fruits etc.

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MUSLI POWER X-TRA brings the confidence back to your bedroom. This increases sexual excitement, stimulation, health and vigour. Increases stamina and overall energy. Open the blood vessels and helps the erection powerful. Controlls premature ejaculation and gives you more time to satisfy your partner. Helps sex to be more interactive than monotonous.

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9.  Amalaki  (Anacyclus pyrethrum): -
Helps in maintaining healthy reproductive system, rejuvenator for the liver, control blood sugar level, promote energy level of the body and act as heart tonic 

Safed Musli Benefits, Gain Sexual Power, Increase Strength

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The in detail explanation of this herb can be found in "Bhavprakash nighantu", an ancient Ayurvedic text. The following excerpt from the book rightly explains the many qualities of this herb.

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When it comes to sexual performance, this is considered one of the most important substances in your body. Unfortunately, most men don&rsquo t receive a sufficient amount of this ingredient. Arginine helps constructing muscular fibers required for proper blood circulation.

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