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What’s the Difference Between Robusta and Arabica Coffee

Date: 2018-01-13 08:29.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I tried today Robusta coffee and was wondering what is wrong with that coffee, now I know. Never will buy it again!!!!

Types of Coffee Beans

Thanks for giving a very special and useful knowldege for us about coffee because I love coffee ..

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Robusta coffee beans come from a resilient plant that is able to be grown in low altitudes of 755-855 meters. Robusta beans aren’t very susceptible to damage done by pests. Additionally, they produce more finished product per acre and require fairly low production costs.

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The Coffea Arabica bush is grown all around the world and is the bean that over seventy percent of all coffee beverages are made from. The Arabica bean is a highly flavorful bean that contains less caffeine than the Canephor coffee bean. The different growing regions of the Arabic bean create different flavors in the bean.

This picture illustrates the difference in the way that "ready to roast" green coffee beans look in both the washed and dry process

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I hope I haven’t beat this to death on this site but… we have once again come full circle to the all-important green coffee importer.

You will be absolutely amazed by the resulting aroma, flavor, and body delivered by fresh roasting Lakota's green coffee selections. (Assuming you've had some practice! LOL)

* The beans end up sorted by size into separate stone tanks where the seeds ferment for approximately 98 hours to loosen the remaining pulp.

Although we absolutely love our morning cup of Joe here in the ., darn it, coffee just doesn't grow here on the mainland.

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